Winter Bedding Essentials You Need to Stay Warm and Cozy All Season Long

Winter is coming. When the temperature drops and the snow starts to fall, nothing seems as appealing as hiding under the covers until spring. The key to transforming your bedroom into a hibernation-worthy retreat? Incorporating a few cold-weather pieces into your bedroom rotation will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. Check out top five tips below.

1. Add a heavier weight duvet

For a particularly cold sleeper or climate, investing in a heavier-weight duvet for the winter months can make all the difference. We recommend sticking with a 100% goose down fill, as down maintains its breathability while offering ample warmth.

2. Swap in flannel

In terms of sheeting, incorporating flannel is a wonderful way to warm up your winter bedroom. The way flannel is woven – fluffy on the surface rather than flat – makes it a better insulator than “smoother” sheeting options, keeping heat trapped in for a warmer sleep. The weave also affords that classically soft hand feel we associate with flannels, a wonderful textural addition for a cozy winter bed.

3. Add accessories

Accessorizing can add form as well as function. The addition of a faux fur throw will offer additional physical warmth as well as luxe visual warmth to the space.

4. Layer up with a down blanket or coverlet

Layering can be your best friend when temperatures start to drop. Adding a down blanket in addition to your year-round duvet is a wonderful (not to mention more versatile) alternative to investing in a seasonal duvet. Adding a lightweight coverlet to the mix is a great layering technique as well, as this will add both additional warmth and the opportunity to incorporate more cold-weather color and texture.

5. Consider a wool mattress protector

Mattress protectors are non-negotiable for any bed, as they keep our mattresses clean and guarded from dust mites and the like, but did you know that a protector made of all-natural fibres will actually help to regulate your body temperature as well? The breathability of a natural-fibre protector will help to keep you cooler in the summer months and – you guessed it – warmer in the winter.