Best Kitchen Appliances For Different Diets

So here’s the thing about cooking at home: It’s a process. A gratifying process, yes, but a process nonetheless. To do it, you need to stock your pantry, fridge, and freezer with all the right ingredients, and fill your kitchen up with a bunch of handy appliances.

If you’re thinking, that sounds like a lot work and I’d rather just order delivery, there are a couple reasons you should consider switching to the home-cooked life. For one, once you get the hang of cooking, it can be pretty darn fun (at least in my opinion). But that’s not all—many registered dietitians agree the best way to guarantee that your meals aren’t packed with too much salt and sugar or a bunch of mystery ingredients is to make them yourself. In a nutshell, cooking your own food can help you form healthier eating habits, which can also promote weight loss.

To cook at home, you’ll first want to gather the basics—pots, pans, things you probably already have. From there, you may want to look into these fifth registered dietitian-recommend healthy-food tools.

Mini Blender

Small, portion-sized blenders are the ultimate healthy kitchen appliance. Make a protein shake to fuel a workout or put together a healthy and nutrient-packed green smoothie. Many of these blenders come with lids and cups so you can blend your drink and throw it into your meal management system.


If you’re looking for a natural way to preserve your food and keep all of the nutritional benefits, look no further than a dehydrator. Offering a simple way to create your own dried foods at home, dehydrators will help save on the cost of constantly purchasing dried food items at the store.


A microwave steamer is the perfect way to quickly cook your asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli, while gaining the protein you need to recover and build muscle. Additionally, by steaming your food, you’re reducing your intake of oils and fats. You’re only a few minutes away from a healthy and well-rounded meal to pack up into your meal management system.


Juicing fruits and vegetables has many health benefits, as you’re body will be able to better absorb nutrients and fiber. The process of digesting fiber is taxing on the body and juicing makes this process easier. It’s a great investment for those who need a way to add fruits and vegetables to their diet but are too busy to take the time to snack.

T-Fal Actifry


One tablespoon of oil for 2 pounds of crispy fried food — that’s the magic that the T-Fal Actifry brings to the table. And it doesn’t stop at faux deep fry, either. You can use it to cook a variety of meals, including chili, risotto, stir-fried meat and vegetables, gumbos and a whole lot more. The magic happens courtesy of an internal convection oven that heats to 338º F, then evenly circulates the hot air to cook meats, potatoes and spring rolls with the same crunchy exterior produced by a 3-liter deep fat fryer. Since you only use a tablespoon of oil, almost every bit is absorbed by the food, eliminating disposal hassles. Features include simple on-off operation and a countdown timer with buzzer. Basically, fatty food with much, much less of the actual fat.

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