3 Ways to Wear Scarves and Bandeau

The fashion and the summer trend is to wear scarves, bandeau and colorful headbands, but how to do it exactly?

Here are 3 different ways to wear headscarves of all types on hair and according to the occasions of use: practical beach bands, lively bandeau for the day and elegant evening scarves.

The hair accessories are in fact the great trend of this summer: look at the video then and discover 3 style tips to tie the scarves and bandeau in the hair really in a glamorous way!

How to Wear Beach Scarves

How to tie your scarf on the beach? It’s simple: if the goal is also to cover the head from the sun then do as in the picture: the model has a scarf that wraps around the whole head and lets it fall back on one side of the shoulder. If you want to be even more trendy, make a high chignon and wrap the scarf around, making a knot on the back.

How to Wear a Scarf by Day

Even during the day, you can tie your scarf as a trendy accessory and tape around a very comfortable high chignon. Alternatively, use it as a band, in a retro style, to wrap just above the forehead and tie it behind the neck.

How to Wear Evening Scarf

For the evening, instead, choose a thin scarf, a bandeau or a band with darker and more elegant colors. If you want to be really chic, look for an accessory that is also decorated with embroidery or sparkling details!

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